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Experience God

with Your Unique

Spiritual Personality

The first book of the Experience God books is a little 48 page version in English.

A free copy been mailed out to those who signed up and have agreed to be part of this test market. Will it help you Grow closer to God, build bridges to faith with others, and create unity in the Church? I am the sole distributor for now.

The BIG-time launch team will help me promote an expanded version(s) at the end of the year. The LAUNCH will be for my 60th birthday!

February 23, 2022

Provide Your Details

The first 59 who sign up as members (above right) will be mailed a free copy of the first booklet.

Read it | Post your Response | Pass it on | Have a Chat | Let us know how it went.

We'll get that sample book to you ASAP!

How do YOU best experience God?

In this book, you'll meet individuals who represent nine types of spiritual personalities.
Here are six of them:

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