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Empowering Christian Writers Globally

Here's my dream for how we can be a springboard for empowering believers around the world.

Other versions of Experience God versions will be co-written with partners via google docs. 

They will get them published in their context and link their landing page here!

Read more about The Global Project below.

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Ideas for this website's Shop

A Children's book, a Journal, A large print edition, ESL bi-lingual booklet, more!

[coming] Arabic

Seeking a partner for this project.

And won't this one be fun!??

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[coming] Chinese

Bi-lingual to help in learning English.

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[coming] Spanish

Can be from any or all Hispanic contexts!

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[coming] Vietnamese

A youth version and a Children's book

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The Global Project

[coming] Empowering Emerging Spiritual Influencers in Other Languages & Cultures

Experience God was first used in February 2017 at a Youth Leaders retreat in Danag, Vietnam. Two Vietnamese younger women co-wrote and translated with me via Googledocs.

The nine unique personalities in Experience God were also uniquely Vietnamese. They told about their unique spiritual personality in their cultural context. The process empowered my partners (and the retreat participants) to see themselves as being able to spiritually and creatively have influence on the Christian movement in Vietnam.

Christian books, written in the West, are naturally filled with examples from western culture. In other countries much of the resources for spiritual growth come from translated resources. Generations of well-intentioned missionaries have imported our forms from the outside which resulted in Christianity embracing western traditional function. We've imported some of our culture to be what God prescribes for all believers everywhere. 

It's not unusual that the visiting foreigners have been seen as the real experts. And lacking humility, we have enjoyed this status. What we have failed to realize is that our status  as "experts" disempowers local believers from believing that they can also (and should!) contribute relatable works. Locals know the heart language and culture, and indigenous godly believers are best help people in their context come to know God through Jesus. Using fitting forms, the church will grow in spiritual maturity and and share our faith in ways that relate to their lives.

Another grave mistake is that our translated imported resources have also been given away free. On the surface, this seems like a wonderful gift. However, as our Western imports have been readily given for free, it has created an expectation among Christians that resources should be free. This makes it hard for an industry of Christian resources to grow indigenously. 

My dream is that this page will soon host links to new websites and purchasing options in other countries around the world, written and published because of our encouragement and mentoring.

These versions of EXPERIENCE GOD will be filled with stories from Jesus followers in their unique and beautiful context. And it will be part of the spark to empower more and more Christian resources written for the context of local believers. 

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