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Launch Team

What's involved?

What you'll get from me:

1. I'll send occasional update emails on the project, and ask you for advice and help along the way.

2. If you give me your address, I'll send you copy of the advance booklet in the mail! (Not merely a .pdf download for my friends!)

3. Freebies along the way.

(You can help me think of what they can be!)

4. Joy in starting a global community with likeminded friends. We all want to experience more and more in a relationship with God!

5. Help to use this tool to talk about your experience of God with others.​

Your part:

1. Join Team59. Become a Member of the site so you can meet the rest of Team (Link in menu)

2. Read your gift booklet when it arrives.

(It's only 48 pages which includes a lot of beautiful photos!)

3. Engage some more in the forum discussions.

(I'll provide some prompts!)

4. Pass it On | Have a Chat | Tell us about how that went. 

This is the "bridge piece" to the project.

Talking about these 9 types isn't threatening. It's easy and enjoyable. Even for people who aren't experiencing God; yet!

5. Buy one (or more) versions when it's available, and leave your reviews on Amazon and other places.

6. Promote like crazy and see what happens! 

7. Help me find cross-cultural partners who'll make their version, publish and distribute it their context.

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