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Apr 15, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
I was excited to read Experience God with Your Unique Personality, to find out what type of personality I would connect to most - and the experience was not unlike many of the personality-sorter types of things I had read before. Actually, the idea had never occurred to me that we approach God and worship in such particular ways. I found connection through most of the descriptions in the book, but one of them really stood out and seemed as if the author had used my own words to describe their experience. As with my other experiences with finding my personality type, it was gratifying to find that I am not alone or completely unique in my approach. So this aspect of the book appealed to me greatly - ie. finding my type and knowing I had a type. I'm not very comfortable with sharing my faith on any regular basis - put me in a situation where someone is clearly searching for the answers that I have already found and I'm good to go, but "cold calling" is not my style. Therefore, it might be understandable that I wondered if the book might not be trying to do too much with the idea of reaching the lost with the various approaches mentioned. At least at first. It's been some weeks since I read it and I can see how even someone without any worship experiences might still find one approach or another appealing. Or at the least the idea that there are multiple ways to approach our God might be a way in to the conversation. As I was reading, I was trying to decide who I would like to pass the book onto. At first I cast my net wide, but after reading it and having the positive reinforcement mentioned above, I realized I most wanted to share the book with my spouse, John. I expected he would have a similar experience and find one "profile" really spoke to him, but that did not occur. Instead, he felt that many of the descriptions fit his personality. He was able to guess what mine was without too much trouble. I might ask him again what was the one that he felt the most connection to, just to see if the idea has condensed in his mind.


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