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Apr 25, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
Kimberly, I learned so much through your book and in reading it I experienced God, as I definitely best experience God through my Intellect. This book was beautiful, inspiring, and insightful. Your husband's photographs are wonderful. As a Bible study teacher at church of both adults and children, this book has inspired me to include a broader variety of activities in my lessons. This book also gave me clarification and insight into how I best experience God. I sometimes tune out the music during worship services and then fully engage my mind and heart during the sermon. I also, identified how I experience God through my senses. And then It was interesting to find glimpses of how I experience God in Tradition and how I did not experience Him very much in other ways. And that's ok, because God has created each of us uniquely. After caring for my late mom for the last 7 years, and then reading the section on caregiving, I recognized in print what I struggled with for 7 years, and that is; that I do not best experience God through caregiving. And although I did it with love and God's help, it was ok for it to seem like a duty at times and not a natural "happy" thing for me to be doing. It was a blessings to read this book and identify how my family members best experience God. I look forward to seeing how God uses this book. God bless you! I shared this book with my daughter Becky who is teaching English in Japan. I will write her comments in a separate post.


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